Where Would You Be Now

Inspiring Youths Through Motivational Speaking Services

Mission Statement

Children, adolescents and teenagers face many challenges, obstacles, and hardships growing up in today's world. The Kiss The Sky Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist young people in evaluating and making good choices in the following ways:

  • Sharing the knowledge of knowing right from wrong.
  • Exercising self-respect and having high self esteem.
  • To encourage family and friends to live healthy yet fun and safe lives.
  • Influencing Good choices.

Objectives & Goals

The primary objective of the Kiss The Sky Foundation is to organize a safe community for students in which they can find support, advice, friendship, and positive guidance. To promote this community, each school is encouraged to establish a chapter with this objective as its focal point.

The purpose of the Kiss The Sky Foundation school chapter is to collaborate or assist in creating a safe and drug-free environment through projects, events, and activities within the school center and community abiding by the mission statement set forth by the Kiss The Sky Foundation.

Join the Kiss The Sky Foundation  and help initiate workshops, information, literature, CD's, films, speakers and more.